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Water Level Detection Prepares You for Seasonal Storms and More

Eliminate Worries About Hurricanes, Thunderstorms, and More

Late summer to fall gives us some of our most noteworthy rainfall totals. We tend to get an abundance of rough weather from August to October, from the stray hurricane that travels up the coast to summer storms or Nor’Easters carrying rain, lightning, and hail.

Most weather threats we receive carry an increased risk of water damaging our homes because of the excessive rain, wind. How can you prepare ahead? Lowitt Alarms provides the area’s most reliable, comprehensive water level detection services. Find out what we can do to defend your home from water damage below.

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How Dangerous Is Water Damage?

Water damage might not carry the same degree of personal injury risk as fire or carbon monoxide, but its property damage and resulting costs are unmatched: It incurs the most costly insurance claims of any liability.

All it takes is a single heavy rain-producing storm or one broken pipe to damage your property and cause water runoff that seeps down from floor to floor. Even during off seasons, a broken washing machine can flood the house. Whether you’re experiencing obvious harm like sunken floors or eventual problems like a mold overgrowth, water damage acts quickly and worsens in no time.

We can install devices that are connected to our Central Monitoring Center so you can know about the risk as soon as it’s detected. If you travel extensively any time of year, you’ll find comfort in knowing that our staff will notify your device immediately and walk you through our recommendations.

How Can Lowitt Alarms Help?

If you’re looking for the community’s best defense against water damage, we’ll start the process with our no-cost, no-hassle consultation, where we can assess your needs and priorities. From there, we’ll install water detection and provide ongoing support whenever you need it. This includes maintenance through our service plans, monitoring, and always having our team’s support when you’re ready to enhance your current security system.

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