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Top 3 Monitoring Features for Your Business

Check Out the Best Technologies to Give You Peace of Mind

When the last person clocks out for the day at your business, your building is left unoccupied for the night.

But whether there are others in the space or if it’s in the middle of the day – it would be ideal to have the ability to keep tabs on your company’s status at all times. This is where a business monitoring system comes in.p;

You can ensure that your business is in good care at all hours with a variety of features that can give you that needed peace of mind.

Want to learn more about the top 3 technologies to implement in your company to upgrade its safety and protection? Keep on reading below.


Backup Radio Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your business’ security is a top priority. And you can count on Lowitt Alarms backup radio solution to make sure that service is never interrupted.

Whether the phone lines are down or a power outage has hit Long Island, Lowitt guarantees that the backup radio solution will still keep you and your space protected.

The backup doesn’t depend on a wired or Wi-Fi solution. It automatically sends a radio signal to our central monitoring station any time an alarm goes off or detects something.

This is why a wireless monitoring system with a backup radio is ideal and can remain helpful even when phone lines and internet are inaccessible.

Managed Access

Managed Access grants you full control and command of your business and facilities. Our managed access control system is operated by our award-winning CSAA Five Diamond Certified Central Station.

So while you decide which points of your business are access points, we manage and monitor all of them for you.

We offer 24/7 access management, support, and let you change employee access levels and custom photo IDs whenever you’d like.

Our station will monitor your access points to see who enters and leaves any area of your business – from the main entrance to the storage and server rooms. We can lock and unlock doors when needed and alert you when someone has left or first arrived at the building.

Take the daily hassle out of owning your own access management system. You are still at the reigns, but without the added stresses of monitoring everything at all times.

Total Connect

You can set up real-time alerts for any time you want to know something is happening at your business. Now when a door is opened, an alarm is set off, or if your safety systems detect high flooding levels – we can send you an email, text message, or push notification immediately.

Using any smart device of your choice, you can look in on any status update we send you. Check out any space at your business from wherever you are.

You can even customize your instant notifications to alert you when a particular alarm has gone off or when motion is detected nearby. You can see when employees are arriving or leaving for the day, or if movement is detected during the night on your property.

Make sure your company is in good hands with a business monitoring system that can alert you the moment something occurs – and then lets you take quick action.

Want to learn more about this system, its many features and what they can do for you and your business? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We’d love to hear from you.