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How Can Your Home Benefit from a Low Temperature Sensor?

Coping with Dipping Temperatures at home on Long Island

During the winter, extreme dips in temperature can be dangerous for both your home and family. With temperature sensors, your home is taken care of – both inside and out. Read on to learn how low temperature sensors can bring the temperature control in your home back into your hands.

Sensors for Every Occasion

Different sensors in your home, of course, have different purposes. Security sensors that monitor movement and activity near your premises help you sleep soundly at night. A major issue during the cold months is your pipes potentially freezing. Instead of spending money on fixing and mending them, sensors can save you expenses, time, and trouble. They’ll notify you the instant the degrees lower, so you can easily prepare.


How They Work

Once the temperature lowers to a certain level you have set, an alarm will sound to let you know. You can also have the system alert you on your mobile device or through an email. At the same time our 5-Diamond Certified Monitoring Station can be notified as well. This way, you’ll know the status of your home even when you’re away from it. You can take a week vacation, or leave for an extended period, and know that you’ll be coming home to a safe and well taken care of home. Low temperature sensors guarantee that your home is heated and cooled to your precise liking – and kept safe from damage as well.

Useful For Everyone

Do you have a second home or a vacation spot where you spend a summer or season? When the weather gets unbearably cold at home, you might leave for a sunny holiday or break. If you take frequent trips, low temperature sensors are ideal for you. While you’re gone, you’ll not only be notified immediately when the degrees lower, you’ll also have access to the history of the temperature highs and lows throughout your absence. Let the sensors take care of managing the house while you spend the vacation relaxing and with a solid peace of mind.

Low temperature sensors make leaving your home stress-free. Never worry about frozen pipes or water damage again; learn more by contacting us at 516-433-6960 or online through our contact page.