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5 Reasons It’s Time to Give Your Business Security an Upgrade

New Technology Tools Help You Better Protect Your Property and Employees

After installing a security system for your business, it's likely you never gave it a second thought. But technology is always evolving, and it is important that your security keep up with it. Even if you haven’t encountered any problems, you don’t want to wait until something catastrophic happens before realizing your system is due for an upgrade. Here we’ll outline some signs your commercial security solution is out of date and recommend technology to keep your Long Island NY property safe.

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You Don’t Have Remote Access

Even with security in place, it’s hard to get peace of mind when you’re away from your business. Get a security solution that offers access from a mobile app to get constant updates and make changes as needed when you’re on the go. Alerts let you know about employee activity, if a door was left unlocked or if an alarm was set off. Right from the app, lock doors and set any alarms as needed.

You’re Still Relying on Physical Keys

Do you have a way to keep track of when employees come and go? Expand the reach of your access control by upgrading to key cards or fobs. One benefit is that every employee has a distinct key, so you can review when they come to work and when they head out. Management can use this to track hours and resolve any issues or emergencies since they’ll know exactly who was on the property at the time. These advanced access control solutions also let you limit entry to certain areas. All key cards have front door access but only a select few go into conference rooms, warehouses, or individual offices.

You’re Only Focused on External Threats

Everyone typically envisions burglars and break-ins when it comes to commercial security solutions, but often environmental threats are the more significant risk. Revamp your security with monitored smoke, flood, water, and temperature detection. Even the smallest fire or flooding can result in substantial property costs that are catastrophic for many small businesses. Early detection helps you stay ahead of damage while keeping your employees safe in case of an emergency.

You Don’t Have Professional Backup

In case of an emergency, you don’t want your employees to be solely accountable for responding. There are professionals that know how to react in these situations and ensure you get the help you need as soon as possible. Security companies with dedicated monitoring facilities offer added protection. Agents know the area well, will keep employees calm during an emergency, and direct the authorities to your property quickly.

Your System is Not Tamper Proof

Protecting your business security system is essential as well. Relying on a landline that can easily be cut or using wireless protocols without proper encryptions makes it easy for criminals to disable your system. At Lowitt Alarms we use wireless security solutions with radio back up, so your property is safe even if someone tampers with your security panel or cuts the power.

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