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3 Life Safety Features You Need in Your Business

Bring Safety to Your Property with the Right Technology

Keeping your business secure at all times is our top priority.

But if your building or property is larger, then it can feel unattainable to cover so much ground.

That’s why we recommend life safety systems that include the following three features to ensure that your Long Island, NY business is kept under constant watch and protection.

Read on below to learn how you can keep peace of mind as your business is kept in good care.

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Fire Detection

Installing the proper fire detection system is essential.

Smoke and fire detectors can immediately sense the first signs of fire, and will instantly notify our UL-listed, CSAA Five Diamond Monitoring Facility to alert the fire station and dispatch them immediately.

Addressable fire zones help them to locate the fire within the building and stop it before it can do any real damage. We also provide frequent check-ups and testing on your system to make sure it is always running at its best!

Water & Flooding Detection

If your building is going to be unoccupied for long periods of time, water and flood damage can quickly escalate to significant losses.

Having a water and flooding detection system in place will help you rest assured no water damage will come your way and up your bills.

We’ll strategically place water sensors all around your property, and if they detect that water levels are abnormally high, our Central Monitoring Facility will notify you immediately.

This can save you thousands on potential damages, and keep your facility up and running!

Security Precautions

Empty buildings are always vulnerable to intrusion and burglary – don’t let it happen to yours!

We assess each security risk that your business is vulnerable to, and set you up with a customized security system that addresses all of your needs.

Glass and door sensors can tell you the moment someone is attempting to break in. An access control system can also alert you to every employee entering and accessing your secured property.

If a break-in, hold-up, or other emergency occurs while everyone is inside, you can also install panic buttons to give the assurance that help will be on the way immediately.

Want to learn more about these life safety systems, and how they can help everyone in your business feel safe as they go about their day? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Our team would love to hear from you!