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Why Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a Must

Keep Your Family and Home Safe

With new keyless cars becoming more and more of a standard feature, carbon monoxide poisonings are, unfortunately, becoming and increasing danger and reality in the home.

There is a way to keep your home and family safe and protected from gas leaks. With our alarms and detectors, you can be alerted immediately if any carbon monoxide has leaked into your property.
Read on below to see how the gas poisonings are much more common these days, and how you can prevent any harm from coming to your family.


Why It’s a Bigger Issue than You Might Think

Keyless cars have made turning a car on and off very efficient. Simply press a button to start a car or to turn the engine off – but what about if you leave the car, and forget to press that button?

It happens more often than you might think. Turning a key to turn over the engine is something most drivers are used to, so incorporating keyless cars into their routine can cause serious harm.

The New York Times reports that two dozen people have been killed since 2006 due to carbon monoxide from their keyless cars left running in their garages.

Keyless ignitions might be a fantastic innovation, but quieter engines can fool drivers into thinking a car has shut off entirely. And by just taking the key fob from the vehicle, drivers will think they’ve already turned the car off.
It’s a common mistake – so how can you make sure that even if turning the car off slips you or another family member’s mind, you can still stay safe?

How Lowitt Alarms Can Help

Many who suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning don’t realize it until the symptoms show up – and usually when it is already too late.

Lowitt Alarms offers carbon monoxide detectors that we can install seamlessly into your existing Lowitt security system. The alarms include many features to guarantee your family’s safety.

The moment carbon monoxide is detected, your alarm will alert you so you can leave the premises before the amount of gas leaked is lethal.

And to make sure your family is safe, we also have a 24/7 Five Diamond Monitoring Facility that can immediately alert you and the authorities so action can be taken instantly.

Want to learn more about carbon monoxide detection alarms and how installing one in your home is crucial to ensure the protection of your family?

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