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How Remote Monitoring Makes for a Safer Halloween

Knowing Who’s Coming and Going Means Keeping Your Family Safe

With remote home security and motion detection technology, you can now be immediately alerted by your smartphone when anyone comes in or leaves your home this fall.

When our clients leave their home, they know that our company is keeping an eye on their loved ones and their property.

Keep reading on below to see how these security solutions can further protect your family and home this fall.

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Remote Monitoring Means Security

It used to be that home security systems only went off once an intruder broke into your house.

But with a Total Connect monitoring system, you’ll receive notifications on your smartphone when people are inside your house or when doors are unlocked. This is a great feature when you want to know when your kids come home from trick-or-treating.

You’ll also be able to arm or disarm any door. This comes in handy if some members of your family come home but have forgotten their key.

Your remote monitoring system can also send you notifications if you forgot to arm your system or left the garage door open when you left the house. From your app, you’ll be able to lock your doors, arm your system, and secure your garage.

Of course, our monitoring station is also keeping tabs on your home 24 hours a day. This kind of security is essential when you’ve left the house. With so many alerts and messages coming through on our phone, it’s good to know a professional team is keeping a vigilant eye on your home.

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